Deer Hunting - Gun Hunts

$600 per person per day
(Includes lodging, meals and guide services)

Deer Hunting - Bow Hunts

$350 per person per day

These semi-guided hunts allow you to pursue your game in designated areas as you like to hunt.
Guides will assist with hanging stands, consulting on hunt areas, and are available to assist if needed.
Otherwise, you may hunt in the style most comfortable and productive for you.

Deer Management Rules
We are a trophy hunt provider.
Deer must possess a fourteen (14) inch minimum inside spread.
Fee for non-standard buck: $500
Fee for extra buck: Cost of Extra Day of Hunting.

Hunt Limits
3-day hunt: 1 buck & 2 does
4-day hunt: 2 bucks & 3 does

Deer processing available
$50 per deer
(wrapped and ready for the freezer)

Hog Hunts
Hogs are bonus game during paid deer and turkey hunts.  PLEASE shoot any hog you see during your hunt.  We offer hog hunts outside of deer seasons also.  These hunts are semi-guided, and include lodging.  You are responsible for meals.  

Hog hunts are $350 per person per day, and include opportunities to fish our lakes for bass, bream and crappie.  You may also wish to hunt predators as part of this hunt.  Coyotes, bobcats, crows, and other vermin are fair game (subject to state mandated seasons).

Springtime Trifecta Hunts
How about the opportunity to hunt turkey in the morning, catch fish mid-day, and hog hunt in the evening?  Our Springtime Trifecta hunts offer that opportunity!  For $400 per person per day, you can enjoy a guided turkey hunt in the morning, fish the lakes for bass, bream and crappie during mid-day, and hunt hogs in the evening.  

Bonus Activities
Fishing in our lakes and ponds is considered a "bonus activity" when combined with paid hunts.  Bring your own equipment and catch a few during your mid-day break.  You may also shoot coyotes, bobcats, and other predators during your deer, turkey or hog hunts.  In fact, we encourage it!

Events, Meetings and Gatherings

The lodge is available for a variety of events.  If you need a venue for a meeting, combined with outdoor enjoyment, please call us to discuss the opportunities at Blackbelt Lodge.

Non-hunter or Guest
$125.00 per person per day with paying customer.
Transportation provided to and from Birmingham and Montgomery airport for $100 per party.
Transportation to and from Selma Craig Field airport at no charge.

Securing your Spot
50% deposit due to confirm booking dates. Non-refundable if cancelled less than 30 days prior to arrival. Customers are required to sign a waiver and release agreement before participating in any activity.

Other Considerations
Hunters are responsible for procuring the proper State of Alabama licenses for their hunts, including the bait privilege license. 

We do not hunt Sunday mornings. 

Alcohol may be consumed on the property, after the evening hunts.  Guests agree not to operate a motor vehicle, carry a firearm, hunt or leave the property under the influence or in the possession of alcohol consumed on the property.  Alcohol use is prohibited during the hunting day.  Illegal drug use is prohibited at all times on the lodge property.

It is our goal to to provide top quality hunting opportunities for our customers and in doing so Blackbelt Hunting Lodge reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event or hunt if conditions prove unfavorable for that opportunity.


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