Deer Hunting

Blackbelt Hunting Lodge, in cooperation with Alabama’s Department of Conservation, employs the approved deer management program to maintain deer density, physical condition, improve antler development and allow the harvest of both sexes. Along with controlled hunting pressure, this allows the hunter a better chance for a trophy whitetail deer.

All of the land is privately owned family land which has been under a deer management program for many years.  It has only recently been open to commercial hunting.  Hunting is from shooting houses and ladder stands placed along well-used deer trails and supplemental food plots. These plots are very effective at attracting deer since they offer the deer a lush green source of food. Food plots offer the opportunity to see more deer and we normally hunt these areas for the afternoon hunt and travel lanes to and from bedding areas in the mornings

Deer hunts include food, lodging and guides to assist in recovery and preparation of your kill.